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V. 1 Number 1 - Spring 1984

Table of Contents:


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Analysis: A Discussion with Warren Benson The Leaves Are Falling: Donald Hunsberger

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History: The Premieres of Hammersmith: Jon C. Mitchell

Pg 18

Research: An Introduction: James Croft

Pg 28

Conducting: The Rehearsal Technique: Stanley Derusha

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  • The American Wind Symphony Editions: Richard Floyd
Pg 35
  • The Wind Music of W.A. Mozart - Part I (annotated Catalog and Discography): Michael Votta, Jr.
Pg 37

Small Colleges: Proposition 13 - It's Impact on the Present and Future: Terry Newman

Pg 43

Marching Band: An Introduction: James K. Copenhaver

Pg 45

Books and Record Reviews:  
  • From Trumpet Call to Military Band (reviewed by the author): Francis Piethrs
Pg 46
  • Space Conquest ((reviewed by Francis Piethrs): Rene Defossez
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