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V. 2 Number 1: Winter 1985

Table of Contents:

  • An Interview with Leslie Bassett: Larry Rachleff
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  • An Annotated Bibliography of Published Doctoral: Gary D. Sousa
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  • Dissertations Concerning the Analysis of Music for the Wind Band

History - A Contemporary Report Karlheinz Stockhausen's Samstagaus Licht: Glenn Watkins

Pg 15

Research: The Aesthetics of Varese: John Davis Anderson

Pg 18

Conducting: Striving to Become a Creative Artist: Miriam Tait

Pg 25

  • NIGHT CITY - Music for the Imaginary Film: Joseph P. Missal
Pg 29
  • The Wind Music of W. A. Mozart (Part II) (annotated Catalog and Discography): Michael Votta, Jr.
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Marching Band: Computerized Charting for Marching Bands: .....J. Steven Moore & Allen Goodwin

Pg 37

Book and Record Reviews:  
  • Repertorium Der Marshe Furr Blasorchester, Teil I (reviewed by Christopher Weait): Armin
Pg 42
  • Maestro: Encounters with Conductors Today: Helen Matheopoulos
Pg 43
  • All American Music-Composition in the Late Twentieth Century: John Rockwell
Pg 43
  • Perspectives on John Philip Sousa (reviewed by James H. Arrowood): Jon Newsom, ed
Pg 43
  • A Complete Discography of the Eastman Wind Ensemble: Rodney Winther
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