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Number 9: Summer/Fall 1991

Table of Contents:

"Musings for Prague 1990" Reflections on February 13, 1990: Thomas C. Duffy

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Arnold Schoenberg's Theme and Variations, Opus 34a: Marcia Ann La Reau

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Herbert L. Clarke and the Long Beach Municipal Band(1923-1943): James T. Madeja

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The Sesquicentennial Celebration Wind Band Commissions of the United States Military Academy at West Point(1952): Part Two - Charles Cushing's Angel Camp: Larry D. Harper

Pg 41

Homage A Canaletto: Observations on a Recently Discovered Wind Orchestra Manuscript: Ben Sonif Ouran

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Book Review: Guide to Score Study by Frank Battisti and Robert Garofalo: Larry Livingston

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About the Authors

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