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Number 11: Fall 1997

Table of Contents:

Conference Schedule


Editor's Preface: Michael Votta, Jr.


President's Message: James Croft

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1997 Performances: A Summary List of Works Performed

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Ensembles, Conductors and Soloists

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Research: Directions and Methods  
  • Descriptive Research: Methodology, Sources and Challenges: John Grashel
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  • New Directions for Future Growth (Excerpt from a Panel Discussion): Donald Hunsberger
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Research: New Perspectives on the Standard Repertoire  
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Serenade, K. 361/370a: Musical Influences and Thematic Borrowing (Abstract): Bradley P. Ethington
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  • The Use of Folk Song in Wind Band Works of Stanhope, Vaughan Williams and Grainger (Abstract): John Cody Birdwell
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  • The Wind Band Music of Hindemith, Krenek, Pepping, Toch and Others from the 1926 Donaueschingen Music Festival (Abstract): John C. Carmichael
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  • Aspects of Structure and Style in Music for Brass Instruments (1944) by Ingolf Dahl (Abstract): Scott Carter
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  • Stravinsky's Symphonies of Wind Instruments: Errata in the 1920 and 1947 Versions (Excerpt): Robert Spittal
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  • The Young Bands Repertoire Project (Abstract): Brian Harris
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  • Cooperative, Competitive and Individual Goal Structures' Effect on Achievement in Middle School and Junior High Band Programs (Abstract): Gregory J. Wheeler
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  • Aesthetics: A Matter of Tastes (Abstract): Thomas C. Duffy
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  • Patrick Conway: A Thumbnail Biographical Sketch: Mark Fonder
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  • Gender Imbalance Among College Band Directors: An Investigation of Low Female Population (Abstract): Linda A. Hartley
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Athletic Bands:  
  • A Profile of the Athletic Pep Band (Abstract): Rod M. Chesnutt
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  • Television Coverage of College Athletic Bands (Summary Report): David Woodley and Jon R. Woods
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  • A Survey of Audience Reaction to Halftime Performances of The Ohio State University Marching Band (Summary): Jon R. Woods
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  • A Survey of Athletic Band Instrumentalists: Insights into Students' Attitudes Toward Musical and Social Experiences Affecting Recruiting and Retention (Summary): John Fuller and Jon R. Woods
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Report of the Small Schools Task Force

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Composers Session (Summary)

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