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Number 14 Fall 2000

Proceedings of the 30th National Conference of the
College Band Directors' National Association
The University of Texas
Austin, Texas
February 23-27, 1999

Table of Contents:

Conference Schedule


Editor's Preface: Michael Votta, Jr.


  • List of Works Performed
Pg 1
  • Ensembles, Conductors and Soloists
Pg 2

  • "American" Conductors, Bands and the Great War
Pg 2
  • The Secret of Berg's Kammerkonzert: Whose Life IS It Anyway?: Michael Votta, Jr.
Pg 12
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Serenade, K. 361/370a: Musical Influences and Thematic Borrowing (Abstract): Bradley P. Ethington
Pg 28
  • On the Matter of Thematic Borrowing in Mozart's Serenade, K. 361/370a: Daniel N. Leeson
Pg 29
  • Music for Voices with Winds: Keith Kinder
Pg 33

Panel Discussions:  
  • Bands in the Twentieth Century
Pg 41
  • A Conversation with Joan Tower
Pg 52
  • Conversations with Composers
Pg 57
  • The Professional Wind Band
Pg 64

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