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The College Band Directors National Association and Aesthetic Education Written by James Maiello

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A paper by James Maiello concerning CBDNA and Aesthetic Education.

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DECEMBER 20, 2013

Transcript of comments by Richard Floyd:

It goes without saying that I felt honored when Steve Peterson contacted me and asked me to make a few comments on this special occasion. While I hope to speak for all of you it will be difficult not to make some of my comments personal since Bob is one of my dearest friends on the entire planet.

But let me start by giving you a little history lesson. The collegiate band world of the 1960s and 1970s was a very different world than we know today. It was a period of time that the word artistry was rarely used in reference to what we were doing or believed.
CBDNA was beginning to evolve from an organization focused on process with much discussion about seating arrangements, instrumentation, mouthpieces, fingerings, with an occasional nod to repertoire to a professional brotherhood dedicated to artistry conducting, commissioning and engagement with the greater musical community.

The precursor of this evolution was a small group of younger collegiate band conductors sometimes referred to as the turtle neck gang. Turtle neck sweaters, leather jackets and a pipe filled with premium tobacco were requisites for membership. There were even Wind Ensemble Conferences bringing together kindred spirits who were committed to redirecting the focus of what we valued as wind band conductors.

While there was a core of visionaries who were involved with this renaissance be assured that Bob Reynolds was consistently at the epicenter of this exciting period of change. And, he was instrumental in rallying others to the cause.

Perhaps I can best put all of this in context by telling you a little bit about my first encounters with Bob. Im sure what I share will parallel many of your own experiences.

In the last 60s while a high school band director I was teaching a band camp at West Texas State University. By chance, the principal guest conductor was some young guy who was then the Director of Bands at the University of Wisconsin. It was my good fortune that we had the same morning break each day so I had the opportunity to become acquainted with Bob and also watch him work his magic with both students and other band directors.

As a result the Dick Floyd who left that camp was very different from the Dick Floyd who reported for duty two weeks prior. Bob affirmed many things I believed personally and through both comment and action he challenged me to broaden horizons, embrace the art (as opposed to the craft) of music making and allow my intellectual curiosity to run free. My world was forever changed.

In the years to follow our relationship grew deeply. He was, is and will remain one the pivotal inspirations in my life artistically, musically and personally.

And I know I am not alone. Let me share the comments of some of our colleagues.

Allan McMurray:

Bob Reynolds has been my teacher, my colleague and most of all my friend for over 4 decades. There is no person who has left a more lasting impression on my life, or contributed more to my musical DNA than Bob Reynolds.

Glen Adsit:

Bob always claims he doesnt have the answers, but somehow he always, and I mean always, knows what questions to ask. He has the uncanny ability to hit the center of the bulls eye every time.

Eugene Corporon:

I mention this only because none, NONE of it would have ever happened had I not met Robert Reynolds in 1965. He poured his musical soul into us; he remains the most self-less teacher I have ever known. It had always been about how he could help us fulfill our potential and make a difference with our music-ing. So in my mind, the most important anniversary I can celebrate is the 45 years that I have known H. Robert Reynolds. He didnt just change my life, he showed me how to make a life.

Scott Teeple:

Its always about the artistry with Bob. He knows exactly when to inject the music into the players and inspire them. Yet he senses when to step back and let the players make music together as a chamber ensemble. Yes, it always focuses around the musical experience as an art, never anything else. As a friend, it just cant get any better. Bob is one of those people who after 3 minutes with him, your life is changed and you know right then and there that its a special 3 minutes that youve just spent.

Larry Livingston

Bob leads with profound humility. Modeling the idea that less is more and even suggesting that perhaps least is everything. Watching Bob Reynolds work is a tutorial in how to find essences in music, how to reveal its poetic impetus and how to get out of the way. Though he has never been my teacher, I owe him an un-repayable debt for the magnitude and the reach of the influence on my life and on the podium.

Im sure there are countless colleagues in the room who could echo all that has been said.

There is an old maxim that goes like this:

No One Cares How Much You Know
Until They Know How Much You Care.

Be assured that Bob knows a great deal.

About music.
About conducting.
About teaching,
About life.

But far more important, Bob cares deeply.

.About his art
About his profession
About the students he has inspired
And, most important, he cares about his colleagues and his fellow man.

If I have an issue with this recognition it would be the fact that it perhaps is being given prematurely. It is a Lifetime Achievement Award. Such an award might suggest that Bob is done. But we all know that simply isnt true. Bob Reynolds is not through achieving and we all eagerly await what is yet to come.

So thank you Bob for being our colleague, our mentor and most important being our friend.

We love you and remain grateful for all you have done for the art we serve, the students we teach and the proud profession we all embrace.

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An excellent addition to your library... THE BEST WE CAN BE: The Story of the Ithaca High School Band, 1955-67

URL: http://www.meredithmusic.com/...

NEW!!! Book from Frank Battisti...

THE BEST WE CAN BE: The Story of the Ithaca High School Band, 1955-67 by Frank L. Battisti and R. Bruce Musgrave.
Meredith Music Publications, 2010.
ISBN: 978-1-57463-159-3

The Best We Can Be covers the entire spectrum of the activities of the Ithaca (NY) High School Band from 1955 - 67 (i.e., all concert and marching band performances and events). The book's narrative is enhanced by many photographs, letters, programs, newspaper clippings, concert reviews, magazine articles, etc. Three former band members add personal recollections and reflections of their IHS Band experiences.

The Ithaca High School Band set new standards for performance on the football field and in the concert hall, commissioned and premiered numerous seminal works for band, annually played under pre-eminent guest conductors, established residency programs for composers, produced multi-arts festivals, and redefined the aesthetic premise underlying the whole idea of performance-based music education.

Development of a 'creative' way of life, as experienced through creative musical endeavors, was the desired goal of the Ithaca High School Band Program.

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Book from Frank Battisti

URL: http://www.meredithmusic.com/...

Frank Battisti is pleased to announce the publication of his newest book, On Becoming a Conductor - Lessons and Meditations on the Art of Conducting. A note from Frank on the text:

I have written a new book, On Becoming a Conductor – Lessons and Meditations on the Art of Conducting (ISBN – 13:978 1-57463-086-2) which has just been published by Meredith Music Publications. It is a different kind of conducting book – it contains no conducting patterns, no advice on how to conduct any piece. Many books already provide this kind of information. Instead, it focuses on the skills, knowledge and experiences necessary for becoming and functioning as a conductor-teacher. There are many quotations by distinguished and famous composers, conductors and musicians about conducting interspersed throughout the book. I think you will find On Becoming a Conductor interesting and useful.

You can find Frank's new book online here, with a suggested list of vendors here.

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CBDNA Lifetime Achievement Award

URL: http://www.cbdna.org/...

The CBDNA Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to individuals who have had a significant impact on CBDNA, the college band profession, and the lives of members of the profession.

The criteria for the award shall be considered from the following:

High artistic contribution;
Service to CBDNA;
Service to the band profession at large;
Scholarship (including but not limited to publications, music creation, consortia, research)

In the fall semester of each year the National President of CBDNA will issue a call for nominations to the membership directed to the Past President. These nominations will be due on November 1. The Past President and Immediate Past President will review and screen the nominations and present recommendations to the CBDNA Board at the Mid-West meeting in Chicago.

The nomination slate may include up to two living and one posthumous candidates. The board will vote by secret ballot, and awardees must receive a two-thirds majority. There may be years where there are no recipients.

The award will be publicly presented the following December at the Mid-West Clinic's CBDNA forum with an appropriate gift to the individual (or their family if awarded posthumously). Living awardees shall be granted lifetime membership in CBDNA.


John P. Paynter (2014)
James E. Croft (2014)
Frank L. Battisti (2014)
H. Robert Reynolds (2012)

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So You Want To Be a Music Major: A Guide for High School Students, their Guidance Counselors, Parents and Music Teachers

URL: http://www.meredithmusic.com/...

New book by Robert Franzblau Meredith Music Publications ISBN 979-1-57463-378-8

Meredith Music Publications

Promotional Video

This book details the fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitudes that prospective music majors need in order to make a successful transition from high school to college. Specific exercises are offered, along with supporting online resources. It also suggests steps that parents, high school guidance counselors, and music teachers can take to identify, encourage, and guide future musicians and music educators. It is based on the writers 25 years of experience teaching in elementary through graduate schools.

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The Wind Repertory Project

URL: http://www.windrep.org/...

The Wind Repertory Project is an attempt to build a comprehensive database of wind literature, expanded by contributions of selected editors, and freely available to wind band directors/conductors, students, and enthusiasts worldwide. While there already exist many fantastic sources for this sort of information, static media cannot keep up with the steady influx of new repertoire, and cannot -by nature- be as comprehensive as an open community project.

The WRP was initially envisioned as a doctoral dissertation by Nikk Pilato while a student at Florida State University. The original idea was to create a document comprising a listing of wind repertory information along the lines of the excellent Orchestral Music: A Handbook by David Daniels. When the tremendous scope of the project became apparent, the decision was made to postpone creating the database until there was time to implement it in an online format, freely available to everyone. Please visit the project here.

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Vol. 2 CD: Folk Songs in the ENGLISH FOLK SONG SUITE by Ralph Vaughan Williams

URL: http://Whirlwind Music Publications, 2013

Modern renditions of the folk songs in the ENGLISH FOLK SONG SUITE by English folk musicians Martin and Shan Graebe and related folk song setting by Vaughan Williams—Dives & Lazarus and High Germany ( arr. for male voices), John Barleycorn (from Folk Songs of the Four Seasons), and March Folk Songs from Somerset (arr. G. Jacob for Orchestra).

The CD is included with Vol. 2 of the Wind Band/Ensemble Anthology: Folk Songs & Dances in Wind Band Classics, edited by Robert J. Garofalo (Whirlwind Music Publications). To hear a sound clip from the compact disc visit: www.whirlwind-music.com.

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Vol. 2 Wind Band/Ensemble Anthology: Folk Songs in the English Folk Song Suite by Ralph Vaughan Williams

URL: http://www.whirlwind-music.com/...

Robert Garofalo is pleased to announce the publication of the last volume of his five-volume Wind Band/Ensemble Anthology Series: FOLK SONGS in the ENGLISH FOLK SONG SUITE by RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS. This 100 page book (with CD) includes the Complete Folk Songs for Singing, Historical and Interpretive Notes, and a Compact Disc Recording featuring Modern Renditions of the Folk Songs by Martin and Shan, and Related Folk Song Settings by Vaughan Williams.

For more information about this publication and to hear a sound clip from the compact disc, visit: www.whirlwind-music.com. All five volumes of the Anthology Series are now in print.

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Vol. 3 Wind Band/Ensemble Anthology: Folk Songs & Dances in the Second Suite in F by Gustav Holst

URL: http://www.whirlwind-music.com/...

Robert Garofalo is pleased to announce the publication of Volume 3 of his Wind Band/Ensemble Anthology: FOLK SONGS & DANCES in the SECOND SUITE IN F by GUSTAV HOLST. This 102 page book (with CD) includes the Complete Folk Music for Performance, Historical and Interpretive Notes, and a Compact Disc Recording featuring Modern Renditions of the Folk Music by Roberts & Barrand, CLAUDY BANKS sung by Fred White (1909), and Related Folk Song Settings by Holst.

For more information about this publication and to hear a sound clip from the compact disc, visit: www.whirlwind-music.com.

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Vol. 4 Wind Band/Ensemble Anthology: Folk Songs & Dances in Lincolnshire Posy by Percy Grainger

URL: http://www.whirlwind-music.com/...

Robert Garofalo is pleased to announce the publication of Volume 4 of his Wind Band/Ensemble Anthology: FOLK SONGS & DANCES IN LINCOLNSHIRE POSY by PERCY GRAINGER. This 70 page book includes:
● the complete folk music for singing
● historical and interpretive notes
● a compact disc recording.

The CD includes the original wax cylinder recordings of the old Lincolnshire folk singers; rare recordings of Grainger speaking, singing, and playing; and modern renditions of the folk music by English folk singers John Roberts and Tony Barrand. The historical notes in this volume, titled Creation and Early Performances of Lincolnshire Posy, provide valuable insights into Graingers creative processes and astonishing new information about the early development of Lincolnshire Posy.

For more information about this publication and to hear a sound clip from the compact disc, visit: www.whirlwind-music.com.

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URL: http://www.whirlwind-music.com/...

The anthology is designed to provide conductors with the inspirational source music—folk songs and dances—used by composers in selected wind band/ensemble masterworks. Each volume in the series includes the complete folk music for performance, historical and interpretive notes, and a compact disc recording of the folk music. The folk music scores may be used in conjunction with performances of the composition. Knowing the folk music used by composers in wind band classics can be tremendously useful for interpretation.

Volumes in the series are:
Vol. 1 Folk Songs in OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLES by Gordon Jacob and SEA SONGS by Ralph Vaughan Williams (published 2002)
Vol. 2 Folk Songs in ENGLISH FOLK SONG SUITE by Ralph Vaughan Williams (2013)
Vol. 3 Folk Songs & Dances in the SECOND SUITE IN F by Gustav Holst (2011)
Vol. 4 Folk Songs & Dances in LINCOLNSHIRE POSY by Percy Grainger (2008)
Vol. 5 Folk Songs in SUITE FRANÇAISE by Darius Milhaud (2005)

All five Volumes in the series are now in print.
For more information and to hear sound clips from the CDs included with the Anthology volumes, visit: www.whirlwind-music.com.

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