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Current New Works Committee

Sarah McKoin, Texas Tech University, Chair
Andy Mast, Lawrence University
Matthew George, University of St. Thomas
Chris Knighten, University of Arkansas
Damon Talley, Louisiana State University
Russel C. Mikkelson, Ohio State University

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2016 CBDNA Young Band Composition Contest. $5,000 Prize.


1. This contest is an equal opportunity for all composers.

2. A qualifying entry must be an original composition for young band which has been given its live premiere after January 1, 2015 [*See #5 below]. Entries must be submitted by the composer only, and not by an agent or publisher. Note: self-publishing composers may submit one of their own contest entries.

3. The composition should be an approximate technical Grade 3 - 3.5 work of high artistic merit, conceived and constructed so as to be performed effectively by middle/junior high school bands as well as high school bands of modest proficiency [see Representative Repertoire #14 below]. The work should be written for full band instrumentation, approximately as follows: Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, 1st-2nd-3rd B-Flat Clarinets, B-flat Bass Clarinet, E-flat Alto Saxophone, B-flat Tenor Saxophone, E-flat Baritone Saxophone, 1st-2nd-3rd Trumpets, 1st and 2nd F horns, 1st-2nd-3rd Trombones, Euphonium, Tuba, and Percussion. Percussion may include Piano, other keyboard instruments, as well as percussive instruments of a non-traditional nature.

4. Works should be approximately 6-10 minutes in length, although works of slightly shorter or longer duration will not be excluded on this factor alone. There is no limit to the number of movements, or style.

5. Entries must be submitted with a FULL SCORE and CD recording of good quality for the instrumentation indicated in the score. [*While recordings of actual human performances will always be preferred, in extreme circumstances sophisticated electronic realizations (MIDI) utilizing high-quality acoustic instrument samples may be considered].

6. The composers name MAY NOT appear on the submitted score or recording, and any mention of the name(s) of any commissioning group, institution, or members thereof should be omitted/redacted. Any entry received with the composers name on the package, score or recording will not be accepted for evaluation. A sealed envelope containing the completed entry form should be fastened securely to the inside cover of the score. The CD recording should be identified by title only.

7. The committee will exercise due care for the safety of the submitted manuscripts and CDs but cannot assume responsibility for losses that occur during transit. Entrants are advised to send all contest materials by delivery tracking capable/insurable carriers only. [Note: Submitted scores and recordings are not returnable.]

8. All entries must be received by the CBDNA Contest Chairman, postmarked no later than September 15, 2016. Compositions transmitted via fax or electronically will not be accepted.

9. The identity of the CBDNA Young Band Composition Contest winner will be announced during the College Band Directors National Association Forum held at the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago, December, 2016. Composers will be notified of the committees decision following the public announcement in Chicago.

10. The decision of the contest committee will be final and no correspondence may be entered into regarding the award. Should the committee consider none of the submitted compositions to be meritorious, a no prize decision will be rendered.

11. All performance, copyright, and royalty rights remain with the composer.

12. A composer may submit only one entry per contest. Composers should send entry manuscripts and recordings and direct all inquiries to:

Matthew George
Chair, CBDNA Young Band Composition Contest
University of St. Thomas
2115 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105

13. The winning composer will receive a $5,000 cash award.

14. Representative Repertoire:

Alligator Alley, Michael Daugherty
Cajun Folk Songs, Frank Ticheli
Ginger Marmalade, Warren Benson
Old Churches, Michael Colgrass

15. Download attachment for entry form.

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