CBDNA - Teaching Music - Purpose and Background

CBDNA has a long history of support for the public school band programs of this country. In the CBDNA Declaration of Principles, two foundational areas affirm:

  • To its members the College Band, through exemplary practices in organization, training, and presentation, should endeavor to provide effective experiences in musical education, in music culture, in musical recreation and in general citizenship.

  • To music as an art and a profession the College Band should bring increasing artistry, understanding, dignity, and respect, by thorough and independent efforts within the band's own immediate sphere, by leadership and sponsorship in the secondary school program, and by cooperation with all other agencies pursuing similar musical goals.

The purpose of this area of the CBDNA web site is to:

  1. Help establish a contemporary vision of the roles and responsibilities of the college wind band conductor toward the preparation of future school music (band) teachers
  2. Help establish the role of CBDNA in influencing music (band) teacher preparation at the policy level
  3. Help establish alliances with those in associated fields who assist in the preparation and mentoring of school band teachers
  4. Collect and disseminate relevant materials in the form of dialogues, essays, research results, bibliographies, and other media to serve our members and other interested parties

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