President’s Message

Welcome to CBDNA

The roots of the College Band Director’s National Association (CBDNA) can be traced back to a committee for College and University music under the larger umbrella organization, the Music Educators National Conference (MENC). In 1938, William D. Revelli was appointed as the chair of the committee. As the committee’s scope quickly expanded, it became evident that an independent group was needed to focus specifically on the collegiate band. Consequently, CBDNA was formed on December 22, 1941, at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago, Illinois. From its humble beginnings with 40 members, CBDNA has now grown to include over 700 active members today.

Historically CBDNA has always been an organization that has responded to the issue facing each generation of college band directors. In this regard, the organization is no different today than it was 80 years ago. What has changed is the larger scope of issues the collegiate bands and band directors face.

Reflecting on the first meeting of CBDNA, Fred Fennell said:

“Our beginnings were far from humble. We burst forth as the band’s most potent force at a meeting held in Chicago’s Congress Hotel in mid-December of 1941. William Revelli was the catalyst, and a large number of us came to Chicago for the purpose of discussion that led to our official constitution as a national body. My recollections of those meetings are vivid and pleasant. Paramount to us all was the unanimous desire to organize in the simplest way imaginable and then to forget legislative and executive machinery. It was feared that without maintaining this simplicity, our new Association would quickly assume the dispersed and complicated profile familiar to other organizations.”

With that in mind, I firmly believe that CBDNA can address the wide range of concerns and challenges faced by our members through the establishment and diligent work of our committees. We are fortunate to have nearly 100 members dedicating their time, energy, and talent to serve specific agendas within our organization.

I eagerly anticipate the valuable work and initiatives that will emerge from the collaborative efforts of our committees. And like any relevant organization, we must find the resources to support these initiatives.

Fred Fennell’s remark about pent-up energy remains as true today as it was then. I am grateful to serve as the President alongside an energized Board of Directors and ten committees, all driven by a shared passion to advance the interests of college band directors and their programs.

Thank you for being a part of CBDNA. I look forward to our collective journey as we advocate for and support college bands and band directors, fostering excellence and creating enriching musical experiences for our students.


Glen Adsit President, College Band Director’s National Association (CBDNA)