Current Diversity Committee

Kent State University

Benjamin Lorenzo (Chair)

University of Maryland

Andrea Brown

Marist University

Malcolm Jones

Central Washington University

T. André Feagin

George Mason University

William Lake Jr.

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

John Lynch

Pennsylvania State University

Tonya Mitchell-Spradlin

University of Memphis

Albert Nguyen

University of Michigan

Courtney Snyder

University of Kentucky

Shayna Stahl

Mike Moss Conducting Study Grants

The Mike Moss Conducting Grants are directed to women and people of diverse ethnicities. These grants are an opportunity for professional development and enhancement and the opportunity to attend one of several leading symposiums across the country.

Application materials:

    • An essay (PDF) briefly detailing the merit of this CBDNA initiative, its importance to the profession, and how it impacts you personally and professionally.
    • A PDF of your current CV.
    • Video footage of your conducting (face to camera) via public, but unlisted YouTube link(s). This video(s) should represent your best conducting and should be no more than 10 minutes in total length.

2024 Application


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