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Current Small Band Program Committee

CBDNA 2023 Session: Literature Selection for Small Band Programs: Empowering Ourselves

The College Band Directors National Association supports our directors’ successful achievements through literature from small band programs at the National Conference in Athens, Georgia, February 15-18, 2023.

This is a director-led initiative, supported by peers to elevate literature that has successfully provided small band programs aesthetic, musical, and educational moments in performance and for students. The Small Band Repertoire Initiative, a current listing of successful literature, has been available but somewhat stagnate post-COVID. One of the goals of this session is to reinvigorate that initiative and share our collective knowledge with our current members, and those joining our ranks at a small band program nationally.

Selected directors will speak briefly on the literature they submitted for the session. They will concisely explain how and why the literature they chose was successful – and define what success was for and to them and their students. At a small band program, success can be measured in performance, in accomplishment, in instruction, in exposure, and so many other factors a larger program may not need to manage. CBDNA being “a community of… artists, leaders, and educators…who empower our students” values the importance of collecting and distributing information to serve our community better.

Interested conductors are hereby requested to submit outstanding literature for consideration and presentation at the 2023 National Conference.

This selection process will use the following criteria to choose the presenters:

Criteria for LITERATURE must include, but are not limited to:

  1. High artistic quality (which the submitter should define)
  2. Grade 4 or Grade 5, but not flex settingAnd at least one of the following for defining SUCCESS:
  3. Playable with instrumentation deficiencies (cross-cuing, doubling, etc.)
  4. Possible for various levels of musical abilities amongst your ensembles
  5. Other, successful in the performance factorPlease also answer the following:
  6. How was it successful*?
  7. Why was it successful*?

*You define what success means – so communicate and define it in your submission.



1) The deadline for submissions is Friday, December 16th, 2022

2) Selected presenters will be notified on January 1st, 2023.

3) The submitting director must be a paid member of CBDNA for the 2022-23 academic year.


Directions for Submission

1. Submit your responses directly to Dr. Cliff Towner at

2. Include information on why you believe your program qualifies as a small band program.

3. The deadline for submission is December 16th, 2022.


The following will be required of conductors whose literature is chosen for presentation at the National Conference:

1. Selected presenters will be notified on January 1st, 2023.

2. Selected presenters must travel to Athens, Georgia at their own expense. There is no monetary assistance provided by CBDNA.

3. All presenters must be full-time members of CBDNA (with dues currently paid) and registered for participation at the 2023 Conference.

Please direct ANY questions about the process to Dr. Cliff Towner at


February 2019
Arizona State University, Tempe AZ
Rodney Dorsey, guest conductor
Emily Moss, SBPIB coordinator

Joaquin Turina (trans. Alfred Reed): La Procession du Rocio (1913 / 1962 / 2013)
Roshanne Etezady: Anahita (2005)
Anthony Barfield: Here We Rest (2012)
Fisher Tull: Sketches on a Tudor Psalm (1971)
Peter Tchaikovsky (arr. Ray Cramer): Dance of the Jesters (1873/1997)

March 2017
University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City MO
Gary Green, guest conductor
Jacob Wallace, SBPIB coordinator

Michael Daugherty: “Fever” from Lost Vegas (2011)
Donald Grantham: Shenandoah (2017) – Premiere Performance
Modest Mussorgsky (arr. Maurice Ravel, trans. Paul Lavender): Pictures at an Exhibition (1874/1922/2012)

March 2015
Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN
Ray Cramer, guest conductor
James Adams, SCIB coordinator

Kevin Walczyk: Celebration Fanfare (2003)
Eric Whitacre: The Seal Lullaby (2004)
Vincent Persichetti: Symphony no. 6 for Band (1956)
Julie Giroux: Symphony no. 4 “Bookmarks from Japan” (2013)
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (trans. Ray Cramer): Dance of the Jesters (1873)

March 2013 (at University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Greensboro NC) – Craig Kirchhoff, guest conductor, Dawn Perry, SCIB coordinator:
Ellen Taafe Zwilich, Fanfare from Fanfare; Reminiscence, and Celebration (2011)
David Stanhope, Olympic Fireworks (2000)
J.S. Bach/arr. Alfred Reed, My Jess! Oh, What Anguish (ca 1736)
Gustav Holst, First Suite in E-flat Major (1909)
John Mackey, Sheltered Sky (2012)
Arturo Marques, Danzon No. 2 (1998)

March 2011 (at University of Washington, Seattle WA) – Lowell Graham, guest conductor; Betsy Charles and Barbara Lambrecht, SCIB co-coordinators:
Clifton Williams, Festival (1962)
Malcolm Arnold, Duke of Cambridge (1957)
Julie Giroux, Overture in Five Flat (2011)
Roger Nixon, Fiesta del Pacifico (1966)
Francis McBeth, They Hung Their Harps (1988)
James Barnes, Toccata Fantastica (2000)
Ira Hearshen, After the Thunderer (1991)

March 2009 (at University of Texas-Austin, Austin TX) – Virginia Allen, guest conductor; Craig Naylor, SCIB coordinator:
Kenneth Hesketh, Masque (2000)
Morton Gould, Symphony for Band (1952)
Donald Grantham, Farewell To Gray (2001)
Steven Bryant, Radiant Joy (2006)
Luigi Zaninelli, Three Dances of Enchantment (2007)

March 2007 (at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI) – Frank Ticheli, guest conductor; James Latten, SCIB coordinator:
Frank Ticheli, Nitro (2006)
Percy Grainger/ed. Rogers, Childrens March (1916/1919)
Frank Ticheli, Sanctuary (2006)
Donald Grantham, Baron Cimetieres Mambo (2004)
Frank Ticheli, Symphony No. 2 (2004)

February 2005 (rehearsals at Carnegie Hall; performance at Alice Tully Hall (Juilliard/Lincoln Center), New York NY) – Larry Livingston, guest conductor; Stephen Crawford, SCIB coordinator:
J.S.Bach/trans. Goldman/Leist), Fantasia in G Major
Lennon and McCartney/arr. Shelly Berg, Blackbird (World Premiere); Shelly Berg, guest artist
Dmitri Shostakovich/trans. C. Righter), Symphony No. 5 (Finale)

2003 (at University of Minnesota??) – Giancarlo Guerrero, associate conductor of the Minneapolis Symphony, guest conductor:
Ralph Vaughan Williams, Flourish for Wind Band
Richard Strauss/arr. Davis, Allerseelen
Norman Dello Joio, Variants on a Medieval Tune
Michael Torke, Grand Central Station
Alberto Ginastera/arr. David John, Danza Final

2001 (at University of North Texas, Denton TX) – Allan McMurray, guest conductor:
William Schuman, George Washington Bridge
J.S. Bach/ arr. Alfred Reed, My Jesus, Oh What Anguish
Percy Grainger, Children’s March
Frank Ticheli, An American Elegy
Dan Welcher, Songs Without Words

1999 (at University of Texas-Austin, Austin TX) – H. Robert Reynolds, guest conductor:
Amazing Grace William Himes
“and grace will lead me home.2” Thomas Knox
Bandanna Overture Daron Hagen
Also: Chosen Gems Session, with Guest Conductors

Small College/Community College Committee

The Small Band Program Committee represents and responds to the concerns of all community college band directors, as well as those at 4-year institutions with enrollments under 5000 students (in total, over 2400 institutions – more than 70% of all institutions in the United States).

Programs and Projects of the SC/CC committee:
1. Surveying the directors at small and community colleges;
2. Composition of a handbook, Recommended Standards And Benchmarks For Band Programs At Smaller Colleges And Community Colleges;
3. Holding open forums and subject-specific meetings during national conference;
4. Encouraging CBDNAs various geographical divisions to:
a. form regional small college/community college committees,
b. keep in touch with the national SC/CC officers regarding praises and problems that their constituencies are experiencing;
c. greet newer collegiate directors in their region, and encourage them to get involved in CBDNA and SC/CC resources.
5. The CBDNA Small College Intercollegiate Band (SCIB) is one of the most visible programs of the SC/CC committee. The chair/main organizer of the SCIB is Dr. Dawn Perry, Wingate University ( (after the conference, change this to Dr. James Adams, Valley City State University (

MISSION STATEMENT AND ELIGIBILITY: The general spirit and mission of the SCIB is to provide students (music majors and non-majors alike) from band programs at smaller college, community college (of any size), and Historically Black Colleges and University (of any size) the opportunity to perform high quality literature at the CBDNA National Conference under a renowned conductor. The SCIB makes it possible for talented students from institutions lacking instrumentation, student resources, and/or financial resources, to achieve an unforgettable musical experience commensurate with what students from groups selected to perform at CBDNA National and Division Conferences may achieve.

In general, eligibility is intended for students from any community colleges; any 4-year universities with fewer than 5000 students, and any HBCU institutions. In all cases it is expected that the home band program reflects the qualities stated above and the nomination fulfills the general spirit and mission of the SCIB.

In addition, directors from four year institutions that exceed 5000 students are invited to nominate students if they believe their home school program currently reflects the qualities of a program as noted in the mission statement above. Directors should briefly explain any extenuating circumstances that merit consideration. The chairperson of the Small College Intercollegiate Band, in consultation with the chair of the Small College/Community College Bands Committee and the President of CBDNA, will make final decisions.