Music Education

Current Music Education Committee

University of Illinois

Kim Fleming

Florida State University

Pat Dunnigan

University of Texas

Robert Duke

Ohio State University

Scott Jones

Kent State University

Sarah Labovitz (Co-Chair)

University of Illinois, Retired

Beth Peterson (Co-Chair)

Eastern Michigan University

Mary Schneider

Musical Readiness in Rehearsals

This is the first in a series of videos of innovative approaches to teaching within the large ensemble. The Music Education committee will have more available in the coming months.

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A Position Paper By The CBDNA Music Education Committee

In this document CBDNA proposes a set of departure points for the conversation. We do not attempt to respond to every point put forth in documents offered by CMS or others. Rather, we wish to address some of the fundamental issues that underlie reform. We choose not to argue for positions. Rather we ask questions, we offer and suggest, all in the spirit of collaborative dialogue.

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Transforming Music Study from its Foundations:

A Manifesto for Progressive Change in the
Undergraduate Preparation of Music Majors.
Report of the CMS Task Force on the Undergraduate Music Major
November 2014

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A Compilation from The 2014 Ithaca College Conference on Instrumental Music Education: Preparing the 21st Century Artist-‐Teacher

In 2014, a group of distinguished teachers, musicians, and leaders was commissioned to respond to the following questions related to the preparation of future instrumental music teachers at the university level. The related file contains a compilation of their responses. These responses (presented in alphabetical order), along with discussions from session participants were part of the Ithaca College Conference on Instrumental Music Education: Preparing the 21st Century Artist–‐Teacher which was held June 29–‐July 1, 2014. This conference was sponsored by the CBDNA, the Paynter Foundation and Ithaca College.

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ACT (Action, Crticism, and Theory for Music Education)

ACT publishes refereed and invited critical, analytical, theoretical, and policy development articles of international interest that illuminate, extend or challenge the Action Ideals of the MayDay Group. Research based in and across a variety of disciplinary perspectives is thus encouraged and welcomed: e.g., education, music, philosophy, sociology, history, psychology, curriculum. Frequency of issues is determined by submissions, approvals and technical preparation.

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Philosophy of Music Education Review


The Philosophy of Music Education Review disseminates philosophical research in music education to an international community of scholars, artists, and teachers. It regularly includes articles that address philosophical or theoretical issues relevant to education, including reflections on current practice, research, issues, or questions; reform initiatives; philosophical writings; theories; the nature and scope of education and its goals and purposes; and cross-disciplinary dialogue relevant to the interests of music educators.

Published jointly by the Indiana University Press and the Indiana Jacobs School of Music, the Philosophy of Music Education Review is the premier journal in the philosophy of music education internationally. Its founding editor is Estelle R. Jorgensen of the Jacobs School and its assistant editor is Iris M. Yob of Walden University.

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