Athletic Bands

Current Athletic Bands Committee

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Barry L. Houser (Chair)

University of New Hampshire

Casey Goodwin

Ball State University

Caroline Hand

Miami University

Brooke Humfeld

Louisiana State University

Kelvin Jones

University of Missouri

Amy Knopps

West Chester University

Gregory Martin

University of Washington

Brad McDavid

University of Minnesota

Betsy McCann

Northwestern State University

Daniel McDonald

Auburn University

Corey Spurlin

Tarleton State University

Gary Westbrook

2020 CBDNA Athletic Band Symposium

The 2020 CBDNA ABS will be hosted by the University of Cincinnati – Christopher Nichter, May 27-30. If you have any questions regarding this event, please visit: cbdnacincinnati

Hosts & Schedules of Past Athletic Band Symposia

2019 – University of Washington, host – Brad McDavid
2018 – University of Texas, hosts – Scott Hanna, Ryan Kelly, Joshua Gall
2017 – University of Massachusetts – Amherst, host – Timothy Anderson
2016 – University of Minnesota, hosts – Tim Diem, Betsy McCann
2015 – Colorado State University, hosts – Rebecca Phillips, Richard Frey
2014 – University of Virginia, hosts – Bill Pease, Andrew Koch
2013 – University of Oklahoma, host – Debra Traficante
2012 – Ohio State University, host – Jon Waters
2011 – Arizona State University, host – Jim Hudson
2010 – University of Louisville, host – Greg Byrne
2009 – University of Connecticut, host – David Mills, Marvin McNeill
2008 – University of Washington, host – Brad McDavid
2007 – Michigan State University, hosts – John T. Madden, Isaiah Odajima
2006 – University of North Carolina, hosts – Jeff Fuchs, Matt McClure
2005 – University of Illinois, host – Tom Caneva, Gary Smith
2004 – Ohio State University, hosts – Jon Woods, Jon Waters
2003 – Ohio State University, hosts – Jon Woods, Jon Waters
2002 – Ohio State University, host – Jon Woods

*The past schedules are currently being compiled and will be available on this site in PDF format soon. Please direct questions to Barry L. Houser (

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Statement on Hazing and Student Conduct

The following statement was developed in 2013 and formally adopted by the Athletic Band Committee in June, 2014.

The members of the College Band Directors National Association discourage hazing in any form and encourage bands to fully comply with the hazing and student conduct standards of their institutions.